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What we can offer you

Law Offices of Demetrius T. Abraham LLC is a general practice firm that represent clients having diverse legal problems. We provide excellent legal service in the following practice areas: 1) Criminal Defense; 2) Family Law; 3) Probate/Wills; 4) Personal Injury.

Whatever legal issue clients may be dealing with, we invite them to give us a call at 706-690-5060 for a consultation. We will gladly refer cases to other attorneys if clients are facing legal matters that fall outside of the scope of our practice areas.

Criminal Defense

We represent clients who have either just been arrested or have other criminal matters pending before the court. We handle felonies as well as misdeameanor cases. A large part of our practice is dedicated to assisting individuals that have found themselves on the wrong side of the law. Whether you have been charged with aggravated assault, or have just been charged with a DUI, please allow us to go to work for you. Remember, you will want to hire an experienced attorney who can assist and help preserve your rights. Call today for a consultation. Our number is 706-690-5060. We are here for you.

Family Law

We handle divorces, both contested and uncontested. We also deal with child support and child custody issues, as well as child support modification matters. Finally, we assist individuals with legitimation issues. Whatever your Family Law issue, remember, it is really important to have an attorney guide you through the process to protect your legal interests. Please give us a call for a consultation. 706-690-5060. We are here for you.


Our firm can assist individuals with estate planning to include writing wills. Part of this service will often times include some type of advance directive. An advance directive can also be known as a living will which gives you the voice now while you are healthy to decide how you would like for your end of life care to be. We also can assist individuals with the probating of wills once the person who drafted the will dies. Our firm can not stress the importance of deciding today how you want your assets to be disposed of. We would love to talk with you today. Please give us a call to schedule a consultation. 706-690-5060. We are here for you.

Personal Injury

We assist clients who have been hurt in auto accidents, injured by no fault of their own at a business, or even have been injured by a doctor due to the doctor’s negligence. Whenever you have been injured, it is critical that you seek legal advice immediately to preserve your legal rights. An attorney will advise you of the next step to take to be made whole. Personal Injury law is all about making the client whole again from his or her injury. We help to facilitate that with our representation. Please give us a call today for a consultation. 706-690-5060. We are here for you.